History of Women’s Tennis Skirts and Apparel


History of Tennis Skirts and Women’s Tennis Apparel

There are many reasons why a person wants to be associated with a particular game. Is it the thrill of the game, a good understanding of it or is it the clothing worn by players of a particular game? What comes to your mind when you hear the sport tennis mentioned, the players, the matches or the tennis apparel? You’ll agree that tennis apparel is very smart and striking especially so, when you consider ladies tennis fashion.

Tennis was a game of the elite in the society. The ladies who played matches in tennis tournaments wore full length dresses made of heavy fabrics as it was expected of them. However the need to flexible movement intensified and thus the introduction of two-piece tennis attire, a ¾ length skirt and a blouse. At that time people felt colored tennis clothing revealed perspiration and thus introduction of white clothing commonly known as “tennis whites”  became acceptable for years to come.The need to move freely in the tennis court was not quite satisfied with the early traditional tennis skirt; the long- sleeved blouses were a bother for they were too hot. Many ladies were required to wear tight petticoats and corsets when playing, this added more weight to the player. In 1919, lady tennis players had a sigh of relief as they were freed from the corsets and petticoats. The tennis dress was introduced, a sleeveless ¾ length dress, white knee length stockings and a head band which was a change from the tennis visors and hats. Now ladies are following many endurance athletes and wearing tennis compression socks. Ladies tennis apparel continued to develop. They wore a trimmed white skirt with pants inside, replaced the stockings with short socks, short sleeved blouses and a jockey hat.Today, the women’s tennis attire has gone through various necessary changes that have provided comfort, elegance and easier movement on the tennis court. The earlier used flannel material has been replaced with sports perfomance material which stretches very well, is extremely breathable and allows players’ easy movement. Though the traditional tennis skirts and dresses still exist, a sophisticated touch has been added to them. They are form fitting and the tennis skirts of today are much shorter hence increased mobility and movement on the tennis court. What’s more, they’ve become much more flattering and attractive too. The tennis skirts today now have more convenient features to them as many have hidden side pockets that are used to carry extra balls and more.Though the “tennis whites” have remained popular with the traditionalists, color has been widely accepted in the ladies tennis apparel category, more colors have been added and produced by a wide variety of women’s tennis apparel  manufacturers with many amateur players opting for bolder and tasteful colors that they easily identify with. In earlier years, ladies wore what they owned to tennis tournaments as long as it was within the dress codes of tennis, today many tennis apparel manufacturers and designers have come out with amazing styles and professional players like Serena Williams and others have had their apparel custom made to suit their taste and set the tone for what’s possible with not just tennis skirts, but dresses, shorts, headbands and more.

Ladies tennis apparel has come a long way. Today, there are no limitations or guidelines. Comfort, elegance and fashion have taken the center stage in women’s tennis.